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Living In Alignment With Your True Self

  • Unite Health 18 Saint Edmonds Road Prahran, VIC, 3181 Australia (map)

Do you ever feel something stirring inside you... almost like a deeper knowing that you're capable of more? That you've got more potential to bring out into the world?

In this workshop, you will learn how to clear the blockages in your energy that are holding you back from reaching your full potential. It's about feeling whole, having clarity and following your inspiration.

You will find out... 

  • Why unblocking your stuck energy is the key to speeding up your growth & self-awareness
  • How the Alpha Alignment gets your energy flowing (*Plus see a live demonstration)
  • Why clearing your "emotional baggage" creates space for new opportunities to enter your life

When you do what is aligned to your true desires, you come alive. You feel energised and like you're on the right path. When your energy is flowing naturally, you feel like yourself - open, clear and connected. However, what often stops you is fear - the conditioned mind and limited belief systems shut you down from being who you really are. The communication between mind, body and spirit gets blocked. 

"As above, so below"

The body is a reflection of the mind, so if your thinking isn’t clear, your body and life won’t be either. When you get stuck in your head, your energy gets stuck too. You create blockages and get out of alignment with what’s true to you. To access your full potential, your energy must move and flow through all areas of the body and life.

Both Brett and Robert use the Alpha Alignment technique to unblock stuck energy, resulting in people feeling relaxed and clear, with a deeper connection to themselves. They will discuss how it works with the nervous system, provide a live demonstration, as well as talk about the consequences of not being your true self. There will also be time for Q&A.


This event is for people who...

  • Are on the path of personal and/or spiritual growth
  • Want a deeper connection to their purpose in life
  • Want relief from feeling stuck or stressed in any areas of life (i.e. career, money, social, family, mental, spiritual, physical)
  • Want to focus on growing in particular areas of life with more clarity and less anxiety/stress

Alpha Alignments will be available on the night with Brett and Rob.

Seats are limited. Book your spot now. 



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