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Unlocking Creativity: For The Creative Entrepreneur

Creativity flows through a free mind. When you are playful in creating, like a child who is fully in the moment, you don’t just open the gates to inspiration, you become highly receptive to it.


The essence of creativity is fun and joy. It’s light. It’s the free expression of yourself. It’s fresh, new and unique. It feels good to create, but when there’s pressure or more "serious" things involved like business, money and sales, our creativity can sometimes get stifled. We can get lost in creating to impress others, instead of passionately working on something we love.


In this workshop, we'll discuss why our creative inspiration gets blocked and how we can ensure it’s flowing, so we can keep tapping into the infinite stream of ideas. We’ll explore:


- The ‘flow state’ (also known as being ‘in the zone’) where creative thinking skyrockets

- How to get into creative mode on demand

- The main creativity killers that block your energy and inspiration

- Why falling in love with the process is the key to creating with more ease


It’s in our moments of creating that we feel alive, full and free, as we paint our internal inspiration into physical reality. We transform ideas into tangible form to see, hear, taste and touch. It’s what being human is all about, being a creator.


The key for full flow is to be in the now, not in the past or future. You want all of yourself there, where the magic is happening. You know when it’s all working for you - where you might feel a sense of effortlessness and/or timelessness, and it's almost like everything is going in your favour. Anyone that is considered a creative genius is tapping into these states of flow when they produce their best work - whether they are an artist, musician, dancer or writer.


What blocks the flow is resistance in the mind. Negative or scattered thoughts affect your ability to see clearly, making it more challenging to relax into a more focused, positive and receptive state. We want clarity, ease and presence. In this workshop, we’ll discuss some of the most effective ways to prepare your mind and body to be in powerful creative states, where you are feeling and performing at your best.


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