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The Real Man Project - Relationships

In this month's meet up, we'll get into a topic that we're dealing with every day: RELATIONSHIPS.

Not just intimate relationships, but all of them - the relationship with ourselves, family, friends, co-workers, material things etc. 

It's often in our interactions with other people that we see the strongest reflections of ourselves, especially those closest to us. All parts of us, in both love and fear, get shown to us here. We navigate through each interaction with all that we've got from wherever we're at. Sometimes we're weak, sometimes we're strong. Sometimes we're clear, sometimes we're confused. Sometimes we're more masculine, other times we're more feminine. There's no right or wrong here.. The question is do you have a preference to how you show up with specific people and in general.. and are you actually doing it? And when you don't, what's your reaction? 

This event will consist of real, free-flowing discussion about whatever the group feels is right. Some things that might be part of the conversation include:

- Masculine & Feminine energy/traits
- Interacting with masculine/dominating women
- Insecurities in intimate relationships
- Ex partners - stay friends or cut them?
- People pleasing vs. staying true to you
- Taking responsibility for your own feelings
- Honesty & integrity

To join this month's group, hit 'Going' on the event invite and send Brett a message to confirm. Limited spots as we aim to keep it to a maximum of 20 guys.

When: 7pm-8:45pm Thursday 4th May
Where: Urban Projuice - 315 Montague St, Albert Park VIC
Cost: $10 cash