The philosophy of energy alignments is unification of mind, body & spirit - we’re aligning the mental, physical & spiritual. That’s why clarity is the most common thing people feel when they get aligned.
— Brett

what is an energy alignment?

It’s a process that unblocks energy that is stuck in the body, allowing it to flow freely and naturally again. What is being unblocked is often suppressed negative emotions that are holding you back in life. The less emotional baggage you carry, the easier it is to feel clear, connected to your true self and the more energy you have.  Brett's combined modalities including Reiki, Alpha Alignment, guided breathing (Wim Hof method & Pranayama), NLP, Kinesiology-based techniques as well as his own methods to identify your blockages and release them in the most effective way. The body is a reflection of the mind and so is your life - when energy is unblocked in the body/mind, the results must show up in your physical reality. 


why would i get an alignment?

You might get aligned if you fall into one of the following two categories:

#1 You want relief in some area(s) of life - maybe it feels stuck or a struggle. There are usually more negative thoughts around the subject than positive. It would be a great improvement if you felt more ease, clarity and/or space here. 

#2 You want growth in some area(s) of life - you would like to focus on building positive momentum eg. business, sports performance, creative expression etc. You want clarity, to be more present and trust yourself. Less self-doubt and anxiety would be helpful to move you forward here. 


where do you want more MOVEMENT?

10-part infographic.jpg

The same thing that can keep your head above water, can take it beyond the clouds.

the alpha alignment

Anything can be solved in an alpha state.
— Tony Robbins

A fast, effective energetic tune-up that's highly targeted to your blockages. We unblock the energy and open up the body, resulting in stress release, relaxation and clarity. It's working with the nervous system and involves pulling the arms, legs and head to send energy to areas of the body that are in need of opening and balancing. You'll feel different within 15 minutes. 

When you experience an Alpha Alignment, you generate Alpha brainwaves. These are slower brainwave than Beta; what we spend most of our waking hours operating in. In Beta, we are often doing focused work, figuring things out, working hard to solve problems and have several thoughts going on in our minds. As you move into the Alpha state, your breathing slows down, you become more relaxed and remain alert. It gives you a feeling of being clear and present. The Alpha brainwave is related to creativity, where ideas flow easily. It’s like being in “solution mode” - you may find the usual events/experiences that you perceived as problems and stressed about are no longer perceived this way. For more information on brainwaves, click here.




alpha alignment

A fast, effective energetic tune-up that cleans the nervous system and releases emotional blockages. Unblock stuck energy to feel relaxed, clear and connected to your true self. Tap into the 'Alpha' state. 

Single session investment: $50 

5x Pack: $200


DEEP energy CLEARING + alignment

A general clean up of stagnant energy, from head to toe. The intention is to release the main blockages that are present in your energy.

A full energy clearing and alignment, with the intention to release the main blockages present in your energy. An opportunity to go deep into specific areas of life to see, understand and shift patterns that are keeping you stuck. If you're seeking deep healing, in a crisis or want a breakthrough - this is what you do. This is the fast track to transformation. 

Single session investment: $150

*Option for Skype session is available for Deep Energy Clearing if you are not in Melbourne.