Return To Love

In times of heartbreak, pain and suffering, we naturally want to feel better. We forget our wholeness through self-created disconnection to who we really are. We lose sight of the big picture.

In an attempt to return to love, we could create a story to avoid and block the pain - disregarding our emotions and several parts of ourselves in an argument with reality. To deal with our discomfort and inner conflict, we try to believe words like "give it time and it'll pass" or "time heals all wounds" - great phrases to enable us to build on fabricated stories and not own the truth. We're great liars when we're running away from ourselves. We can get back to feeling good through suppression, although our wounds remain open and unhealed, our energy becomes stuck, we leave ourselves ready to be triggered again and we add to our emotional baggage.

We could also choose to be with it all. To feel it and let it move through us. To listen to the message in pain, because pain is the message. As they reveal themselves, we could allow the layers of the psyche to be seen, heard and accepted. We could bravely acknowledge emotions as they arise, giving them space to move and breathe, all while watching the neurotic mind run wild, without judgement or criticism of ourselves. We're all fucking neurotic. Let's own it. We're human.

This is where the "time heals all" idea could have a little truth in it, because time itself doesn't heal anything. Doing the work does. It's gonna hurt. It might be hard or break us down, but it's how we heal along the way, while we're in it and not in the aftermath or when it comes back to kick our ass in the future. This way, we gain broader perspective, keep our energy flowing and taste more of life through every experience. We become more alive... and we powerfully return to love.