Coming Alive With Courage

Courage is never the easy way out. It’s the overcoming of fear - choosing to move into a state of discomfort, exposing yourself in an act of vulnerability. It’s being bold when you’re at the crossroads of your old self and who you want to be.. who you could be. Fear can have a pulling force stronger than gravity during what can be intense, internal battles. The ego is yearning for safety, desperately holding on to everything it knows. It can scream through your entire being as if a horrific murder is about to take place, in it’s final cries to stay alive.

The real you wants to grow and embrace new, unknown versions of yourself. The real you wants to be in the now, focused forward and let the next steps appear along the way. The real you wants to break the boundaries of your perceived limitedness, allowing more of yourself to flow through your mind and body, into the world.

To show up in these moments, you have to cut the bullshit. Encompassed within courage, you will find honesty, transparency and rawness. It's time to be real. When you look at the parts of yourself that create fear, be brave and say hello. If you don't, that's okay, be cool with yourself anyway. Besides, it's not going anywhere and will be back. We often avoid the discomfort of acknowledging what we don't like about ourselves, so we reject, deny and suppress it. Then life goes on, until it pops up again somewhere else.

We say things like "I need to find myself" and ask "What is my purpose in life?" We read books and listen to other people in search for answers and meaning, avoiding the most powerful learning tool of all - ourselves.

First, consume and digest as much of yourself as you can now. It can be the hardest place to look and that's why acknowledging your "shit" is a courageous act in itself. It's also the first step to freeing yourself from the restrictive grip it can have on you. You could even welcome and thank it - after all, it's another chance to see more of yourself and there is no need to be afraid of looking in the mirror.

Whenever you take an opportunity to be brave, you come alive and show yourself who you really are. You can do it. We all can.