Break The Rules

When was the last time you truly felt FREE?

If it's been a while (or never), what are the rules you've been living by? Who set them for you? When? And WHY?

Are you really going settle for a life lived by rules you didn’t even choose and that may not be serving you right now?


To experience freedom is to experience Love in it's purest form. In it's only form, because true Love is always freeing, with no conditions attached. Love has no rules, no agenda, no desired outcome, no boundaries, nor does the present moment. It simply just is. It flows like a river, both continuously and endlessly, and it's stream leads to freedom.

If you do not feel free, you have become the prisoner of a conditioned mind. You are trapped in a box that you've accepted to live in. You have the key to get out though, and it's in your heart. It is your heart.

Open your heart, allow it to be your guide, follow it, and you will set yourself free.

It's the only way out, because only with an open heart can you be fully present, live fully, and Love fully. This is when you are open to the infinite possibilities of life.

Begin opening your heart by becoming aware of the rules you've been living by, accepting full responsibility for living within these conditions and your current life situation, as well as forgiving yourself and all others.

Remember, Love has no rules. If you've been living in a box, start BREAKING THE RULES that are keeping you in there, so you can get out and live your life freely.