The Danger of Knowing Too Much

We like knowing things. We like certainty and security. There is comfort in what's known, a sense of safety, and that's partly why we crave it. They say all fears root down to the fear of death - it goes deeper though, into a fear of the unknown.

The universe is ever expanding, it's depth and contents becoming more unknown in every moment, just like us. However, as we interact with people, we begin to believe we know them and hastily put them into boxes. How much room for growth, change and transformation do we usually leave in those boxes? Whatever the amount is, it's not enough - because when they step outside the box, our story gets ripped away from us, along with our sense of security... and then we're fucked. They break character from the script we wrote for them, leaving us with reactive feelings of betrayal and mistrust.

We vilify people for their unique evolution and expression. In doing so, we challenge their freedom and lose our own in the process. We say "I don't even know him anymore" or "I thought I knew you," in judgement of someone not being who we wanted them to be. It takes work to get back to love from here. Will you do the work?

We could choose freedom, openness and curiosity, for ourselves and others. The space for living freely, showing up in the world just as we are, however that looks. We could stay open to people's changes, in ways we can imagine and those we can't. We could choose to find freedom in insecurity and in uncertainty, we could choose to wonder. Understand that everyone is an explorer in their own human experience. Each person is an unpredictable mystery unfolding, just as life is full of surprises.

So, why do we crave to know? On a deeper level, we want the truth. The truth, however, is that we actually don't know much. Really... we don't know shit. Embrace THAT. You might as well, because truth only exists in the now. And even if you knew everything up until this very moment, you know nothing about the next.