My life is quite simple - I focus on what makes me feel alive, connected and in flow. When I'm doing what I love and what's true to me, I come to life. It's only from this place that I can uplift others.

I want people to live fully. I want them to shine and reach their potential. I want people to go all in... and most importantly, to feel free. Only when you feel free, can you be yourself - the real you, with nothing holding back your creativity and uniqueness.

If I can help people get real, have the clarity to see and accept themselves the way they are and realise what they are capable of, they are more likely to move forward with higher levels of courage, awareness and passion - that's the most exciting thing in the world to me.

I've been clearing emotional baggage and unblocking stuck energy for over seven years. I've combined everything from Reiki, Alpha Alignment, Guided Breathing (Pranayama), NLP and Kinesiology-based techniques to move energy so it flows naturally again, resulting in people feeling a deeper connection to their true selves. 

Keep it real and be cool with yourself. This means being honest while taking responsibility for who you are, where you’re at, what you do and being okay with all of it.
— Brett Peters