Speak to Brett about creating movement in any area of life or situation. Dive in deep and get real with wherever you are in need of a shift. For a breakthrough to happen, you need to be ready to be honest with yourself. It takes courage, so if you feel you're ready for a breakthrough, go for it. 

His methods are based on releasing resistance and tension (in the mind & body), to become more accepting and open, which allows your energy and life to flow more smoothly. 

Investment: $150 (75-90 mins)

8 weeks working with brett 1:1

When you choose to do something for the purpose of growth, commitment is the key. Over eight weeks, we will explore your current reality and ideas about yourself. We dig deep into 1-2 major areas of life where you want more movement - whether it's relief from struggle, stress and/or pain or to create positive momentum with a focus on growth, expansion and clarity. We go through the most effective processes to clear up the blocks that are holding you back in these areas. Be ready to feel emotions as we do the inner work to move your energy. 

Using energy alignments and open conversation, this is an opportunity to clean up your mind/energy to allow new things to enter your life, as you begin manifesting more of what's aligned with your true desires.

Your energy WILL shift. 
Your reality WILL change.


The purpose is to get closer to the truth, to deepen your connection with yourself and who you really are. Common results from the energy alignments alone are feelings of clarity, calmness, greater resilience, decreased anxiety. Increased self-awareness is guaranteed. Overall contentment and acceptance is also often increased, which is a powerful sign that things are moving.

The investment is $1,500 (paid in full). 

2 x monthly payments - $800 per month

4 x fortnightly payments - $450 per fortnight

Payment plans available. Contact Brett for more information or to apply.

*By application only.